sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2012

Note on Substitution

A great part of psychological analysis is based on the idea that someone acts for replacing his real needs with other ones which are more easily or more conveniently fulfilled.

But such replacement does not appear as a by-product if we analyze the human beings deeper than psychology does.

Because behind of the movement of replacement is the state of being moved according to the natural place assigned to each being.

A human being which is assigned to a certain place, be it even his place in a family, will want and feel as his or her need all which that place exposes to him as a desirable thing. And in this respect, man does not differentiate from other kind of beings with a poor neuronal equipment, plants or animals.

In this case, the act of replacing a real need is in fact an achievement for making the man a distinct kind of natural beings. Thus, the acts derived from a psychological frustration are wrongly connoted with a negative meaning, since they contribute to the development of a distinctive natural genus.