sâmbătă, 22 decembrie 2012

Most correct words

There is the permanent feeling that the way we speak to ourselves is always more correct than the way we speak to other persons.

The feeling of correctness is caused only by the closeness through which we hear our own words. Nobody thinks about himself that he is right in virtue of judging his words according to some objective criteria. If such criteria are claimed in the inside discourses, they are only derived from the primary feeling of correctness.

The habit of accepting without questions the words we address to ourselves make us to receive others’ words in the same manner. Thus, we are ready to take as correct all the words that enter our intimacy, as if they would be our own words addressed to ourselves.

For this reason, we are easily moved to accept as correct the discourses which approach themes that belong to our intimacy, even if they are deeply wrong. For instance, the messages that stir our sexuality and the preaches which are directed to our most personal feelings have always the great success in convincing us about their truth.