duminică, 30 decembrie 2012

Years Above

The full meaning of the beginning of a new year was felt, even if not known, by the peoples of old civilizations.

It is sure they did not possess a special gift for feeling the cosmic phenomena. Moreover, they were far from reaching the nowadays scientific precision in observing the cosmic movements.

As regards the succession of years, their explanations were rather confused because of the mythological conceptions.

Their feeling of cosmic phenomena and the confusion of their explanations have in common the idea that the features of human life are closely related to those of cosmic processes. It was a mutual relation. While the life was influenced by cosmic phenomena, their mythological appearance was embedded with features of human life and thus they still belonged to the human life over which they rule.

In different terms, the scientific explanations offer the same view. We know that natural life of human beings follows almost the same chemical and physical processes as those met in the large universe. But even if the scientific explanations are as human as the cosmic myths of the ancient civilizations, we hardly can feel that the cosmic life is close to us. Therefore, we cannot feel that there is a mutual relation between us and the cosmic realm.

The modern feeling of cosmic life is unilateral. For instance, we admit to be subjects of the change of years and the planetary revolutions to share nothing with us. Instead of a mutual relation, the things and events of the world are all placed above us by counting them along with the planetary movements. Nonetheless, the individual looks back to herself or himself in a chronological way, with the risk of perceiving a self divided by an external criteria. Though, the cosmic life belongs to us as like as our past and it is instilled in us as deep as our inner feelings and thoughts.