miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

Bad taste

When you taste something and you like that thing, the deep and personal delight of tasting it makes you wrongly to believe that you grasped by tasting the entire reality to which that thing belongs.

And we may mention the taste of food, of music, and even the taste of a particular way of life. For instance, the pleasure of tasting a preferred food stops the interest in any other food, as if the tasted one would be the only food which really exists.

For this reason, for successfully demonstrating to someone that he has a bad taste, it must be showed that in fact there is a whole reality which is better than that he tasted. For doing this, it is necessary to invite him to taste a part of it, so that he could replace his former image about reality.

And as regards some minor things as foods or drinks, it is an easy task. Many times, the people know to change their past and bad tastes by tasting new foods and drinks.

It is much more difficult with someone’s bad taste for a way of life. Because we have to find a better human reality and then to derive from it a particular way of life which is better. Surely, the humanity did not find such a better reality, since the divine reality was always the most popular means used for changing lives.