miercuri, 16 ianuarie 2013

Bored by the same place

Being bored with finding yourself in the same place is maybe a sign of an overloaded state of consciousness.

Due to a long period of time, the same surrounding things succeed in impressing themselves upon our consciousness.

However, they do not do this in the manner of the objects of our passions by which we do not feel bored for a longer time.

Because the objects of our passions are felt as ours, while the permanent surrounding things tell that we belong to them.

And maybe they tell the truth, since any change of places seems to be an attempt of changing the manners through which we are defined by them. Thus, we do not prepare a travel thinking that we will be absolutely the same persons after it.

Therefore, the acceptance of the idea that we cannot really escape from the world we belong to might make us more indulgent to the permanent things among which we live. Moreover, they give us the chance of a better understanding of what does mean to belong to the world.