duminică, 27 ianuarie 2013

Infinity of words

For every event of our life, we have infinite combinations of words by which we can talk about it.

Therefore the subsistence of a past event may be infinite, too.

Meanwhile, the facts caused by that event are limited. We can identify just a limited number of facts which are clearly caused only by that event. Most of them are farther limited to the immediate period after that event.

Thus, the infinite combinations of words do not describe that event and its effects in our life.

The preference for such combinations is rather the result of our dissatisfaction with the lack of coherence showed by the facts which make up our present life. To take them in an infinite series of combinations of words which have started in the past gives them an apparent meaning. At least, it absolves us of the difficulty of finding personal ways of keeping them together in the present time. Moreover, the facts which are not kept together in our past or present time might be related to our future disappearance and, in this case, they lose any meaning at all.