marți, 8 ianuarie 2013

'Live your life!'

The advice to live your own life is as an awkward advice as that of living other’s life.

In fact, only when we assume such an advice, it is possible to feel that we do not live our own life, since we introduce between us and our life a distance to be filled up by our ideals, conceptions, peculiarities, etc. Many times, they are forcibly brought to life, even if they did not exist before.
Life itself is a bundle of continuous meetings between us and others, so that we cannot precisely say what belongs to us and what to others, excepting our body.

And those who assume to live by themselves have to know that their life is not exactly that life which everybody hopes to live among others. We hope in it from the beginning of our lives, since we are born by others and among others. In spite of our future conceptions, this kind of life is permanently understood as the real life.