marți, 22 ianuarie 2013

Music about us

Maybe the music supplies someone’s need of speaking about himself as if he would be a different person.

Such a need is felt because of the permanent intermingle of human individuals with other persons and things. And we need to speak about us as a way to get a meaning for such a confusing mixture. It should be a warm knowledge, so that we could feel it as being our own.

It is difficult to speak about you when you are composed by different persons and things, since we always have an incomplete knowledge about other persons and things. And if we want to hear others’ opinions about us, their words will betray our expectations, because they equally cannot know all about someone else.

Music comes to us from the outside world and seems to be our own. Its intimate closeness to our ears – the place in which we receive words – creates the impression that it provides that warm knowledge we hope to receive from those expected words about us.