duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013

Noble lie

The human life mostly consists of small and unimportant facts.

And all the attempts to make from them a significant way of life fail or become ridiculous. Because in spite of the most ambitious desires to make the common facts to seem great, the human life continuously produce other facts which hardly can be encompassed by our noble efforts. It is sufficient to notice the activities by which we take care of our body, many of them being disgraceful.

Therefore, when we claim that we can improve our whole life and invoke as a proof a long list of small facts, it is just a lie (for instance, when the Christians claim to transform their lives). Besides, there is the risk of contaminating our great ideals with those small facts.

It seems more fruitful to simply ignore the small facts of life in order to keep safe our ideals. It is still a lie, but one by deliberate omission. When it is supported by a great ideal, it seems to be a noble lie.