marți, 22 ianuarie 2013

Surprising confirmations

Some surprising matters in human life are so because they utterly confirm things we knew before.

Because there are some very well known truths about which we do not want to be confirmed by reality.

Most of them concern our natural loneliness. We know from every taste we feel that what is pleasant belongs only to us. From our pains, we know that our sufferance cannot really be shared with anybody else. From our childhood, we know that even the closest people we know, those from whom we had bodily belonged to are still apart from us.

Since we latently keep all these truths in us, their confirmations during life (for instance, through break-ups, losses of our former companions, different states of loneliness and so on) become surprising because what was hidden is moved in plain light.

Because of their pre-existence, the confirmations hardly can be forsaken.

On the contrary, the surprising new discoveries, good or bad, are given in the plain light and they easily come to be darkened in our oblivion.