sâmbătă, 5 ianuarie 2013

The Feeling of Incarnation

The question ‘how is incarnation felt?’ cannot be answered by exposing a doctrine of incarnation. The feeling of past incarnations must be by itself revelatory, since it should be about our personal place in the world, and not about a place ascribed to us from an external discourse.

As such, the feeling of incarnation cannot have the clear shape of a doctrine or of a precise information. Also, it is impossible to point to an animal or another as our past incarnations.

Therefore, it cannot name itself as a feeling of incarnation.

It is rather the feeling that what lies out of our body is not strange from us.

And we may identify this feeling whenever we talk about the world. The world is outside us as something more than us as bodily beings, but we ever know that we belong to it.

We need just a little focus on the world as the image of an infinite number of living beings which succeed each other through life and death. Adding the consciousness that we belong to the world, we become closer to the feeling that we somehow are somewhere among those beings with all their births and deaths.