joi, 28 februarie 2013

Egoistical love

An egoistical view of your life time requires both to live for following your interest and to not allow the loss of any moment of your life without using it on your behalf.  

The last duty is harder to be fulfilled. Because we are those who alien us from living for ourselves oftener than others. We are those who lose our life time and, as an excuse, we even come to say that our personal life means the possibility of losing the life time through leisure.

Because of such a hard demand, we often prefer to abandon the first one too, though it is easier, since the egoistical interest defines our individual nature. Thus, the altruist purposes are sometimes followed with the eagerness of an egoistical passion, since we know that they save us from the duty of living for us.

When we do not chose to live for others because of our impossibility to live for us, our love and compassion are exposed more to disturbances caused by the egoistical feelings which were never intentionally abandoned. And we fall in love or we love our parents and children before we think about ourselves. As a consequence, all of them are always threatened by egoistical outbursts.