marți, 12 februarie 2013

Food and Sleep

Maybe the idea of a future salvation of the world has a meaning for humans because of their daily habit of searching for ways by which they can be saved from the hostility of the world.

Thus, we daily save ourselves especially by eating and sleeping. The meals and the sleep are always placed in the future of a day and we know that by experiencing them we finally do an unquestionable thing, since there is a biological strong belief in the rights of the body to eat and sleep.

And though the bodily conservation is our own preoccupation, it is perfectly concordant with all the cosmic processes which provide the preservation of the world. The world ceases to appear to us as a hostile place, since we share its interest in self-conservation.

Nonetheless, they are only weak attempts of salvation. Because we never can achieve the final goals of these daily activities. By eating we want to make the world to disappear by consuming it, but we fail to do this. By sleeping, we hope to disappear into the world, but it is again the same when we awake.