vineri, 22 februarie 2013

Morality with open windows

Any moral institution, be it religious or secular, has open windows, since the problems of human life cannot be stopped in spite of its wish for offering to humans an abode outside of the troubles of living.

Moreover, the morality may amplify such problems by making their adherents to observe them deeply in order to classify them as good or bad.

Therefore, the adherents to a moral system strive both for reaching a moral life and for feeling that their option provides them an abode against life troubles.

And because the second goal is inaccessible, it is replaced by two misconceptions of morality. The first is to exaggerate the value of moral principles (the foundations of the moral institutions) and to overlook their application into the real life. The second is to consolidate the walls of the moral institutions by emphasizing the differences between their adherents and other humans.