luni, 11 februarie 2013

Significant life

The question ‘What is happening with me?’ does not naturally arise in your closest present. Though, that question and the possible answers to it would be necessary for understanding your life as a significant history.

Thus, the history of a life is possible to be told or written only if there are such significant present moments in one’s life. It results that such a history is best written by others. For doing this, they should exclude the way by which the protagonist of the history felt his present time.

When someone wants to live in a significant way, he must overlook his closest present, too. He must pay attention to his past and future. The guiding questions would be ‘What did my past tell to others?’ and ‘What will my future tell to others?’ Because if he considers his present time, he knows that nothing from his past and future can tell a thing to his meaningless actual moments of life.