duminică, 24 februarie 2013

Technical illusion

Technical things and natural environment are both essentially insensible to our existence.

And both accompany all of our life.

The first leave us the impression that we can put under our control something different from us.

On the contrary, the second finally teaches us about our impossibility to dominate the nature to which we belong.

For this reason, the technical illusion of domination easily prevails in our lives. And a great illusion ceases to be felt as an illusion.

Nonetheless, the insensible nature which dominates us becomes more and more powerful in the background of our ongoing technical illusion. Because the habit of dominating makes us unprepared for approaching whatever comes from the nature.

For instance, the illness or death shakes us with the violence of a sudden encounter with something totally strange to our nature.

Thus, the technical things prove to be not only insensible to our existence, but also harmful, in spite of their reputation of being useful.