luni, 18 februarie 2013

The life is death

Silent and devoid of any meaning is death.

But not more than the moments of the present time, about which we can speak only after they passed away or before their appearance. Also, a moment will mean something or it meant something, but it simply is in the present time.

Therefore, we might say that the life is death and the death life.

Since the life is constituted by moments, we may say that death is its core. But life is more than that: it is the totality of interpretations we provide while we gather those moments. We do not clearly discern such interpretations and they confound themselves with simple facts of life.

The interpretations keep themselves on the surface of life, but we naturally prefer to live our life only superficially. The body teaches us to do this: the external surface of skin is more important for us than the vital organs.

Death has not a proper time, in which we could determine a present moment. Thus, though it is blatantly silent and meaningless, those features cannot be pointed out as parts of its core.

On the contrary, the core of death consists in interpretations, not interpretations of moments, but of its void. They are disparate and strange, since they cannot belong to our facts of life as it is the case with the present moments.

Therefore, the ghosts give signs to be interpreted in popular myths and in our dreams. Even the consciousness of death is merely a strange interpretation, though it is related to a clear truth.