miercuri, 27 februarie 2013

The Seer

A seer could not really teach us about our present life, because life is not an object of sight.

We rather see all things through our life. And it is futile to try to discern the influence of our life on the things we see, since such attempt is also a part of our life.

Nonetheless, our life intermingles itself with others’ lives. Therefore, we are often concerned about how they see us.

But we are scared by the possibility of being seen by them through their lives, especially when their lives are more precious than us.

However, most of the time, we are scared by the fact that others may see us according to their lives which are more limited than ours. And not because we are proud of our lives, but because we know that people usually involve only a limited part of their life in seeing others’ lives.

Differently, a seer has the virtue of seeing us without doing this according to his life. In fact, the seer has no identity, since he claims that the power of seeing the future is a gift.

Even if our emancipated culture dismisses the appeal to seers for guiding our lives, we are often inclined to give such prestige to the persons who claim their authority over us. And it is frequently an error.