miercuri, 6 februarie 2013


If someone takes his words seriously, he will feel them as gifts each time when he uses them for addressing to other people.

They might be precious gifts, since to take them seriously means to release them only when you are sure that they bear on your thoughts. And there are chosen those thoughts which are purified as most as possible from your egoistical intentions. Because you cannot treat a word which is meant to be given to others seriously as if it would be a word meant only for you.

But such gifts are almost never received with gratitude. The habit of not taking the words seriously is too powerful. We hardly can discern between serious and unserious words.

A long experience of ungrateful reactions makes someone to be more reticent in offering his words-gifts. And when he still offers them, he comes to focus only on the beauty of the act of offering them and forgets that the words were meant to be received by others. For instance, we may notice the solipsist beauty of the words used in poetry.