vineri, 15 martie 2013

Meaning of life for a while

If the life as a whole cannot have a meaning, we live many short periods of time about which we are confident that they have one.

Our confidence is not expressed through words, but by the purposive concern to fulfill all the goals of a certain period of time. And if the life had a meaning, it should be lived more than expressed.

When we add a long reflection on the meaning of such limited episode of life, it might appear the thought that that episode is actually meaningless.

But when we add just a short reflection, the meaning of a present episode of life only spreads to the next one, forcing its beginning.

Those who succeeded in accumulating a long series of episodes without long reflecting on them cannot be stopped of seeing a meaning of life even when the series is interrupted.

For the habit of living meaningfully makes someone to imagine that his or her entire life has a meaning, too. The power of that habit proves to be so great, that we are ready to believe in dreams and hopes which falsely represent a meaningful future of our life.