luni, 11 martie 2013

Regrets for lost ideals

It is always hard to discover who is responsible for the fact that someone’s life has not attained his expectations.

The dreaming mind which establishes ideals of life is far from the real life. And the notion of responsibility belongs to the real life as like as the real conditions of existence which cannot be seen while we conceive ideals. For talking about responsibility, there must be identified a fault in the real life.

If we look to the real life, the most common reason for which the personal ideals are lost is the social life. We cease to be interested in achieving our goals because the world of other people is never interested in paving the way for those who live only for their own ideals. They put hindrances to someone’s individual ideals especially when they love him. Who could admit that his beloved to be lost in his individuality?

And again love teaches us that the social relations are finally mindless experiences. Nonetheless, the act of living is mindless, too. Therefore, those who lose their ideals because of the social life stop the work of their idealistic mind. According to a positive interpretation, that means that they simply live their mindless life. And nobody can be judged for living, nor the people who attract someone to live with them.

If someone regrets the losing of his ideals by identifying responsible persons or by blaming himself, we can easily discover that his regrets conceal dissatisfaction with the life as such. And such dissatisfaction is always tempered by onward living.