vineri, 8 martie 2013

Theoretical explanations

Even if we are reared and trained with theoretical explanations of physical things, the readiness by which we accept them should stem from a common attitude towards surrounding things. Namely, it should be an attitude similar to theoretical insights.

A condition for such an attitude is that of finding the objects of knowledge unmoved and unchangeable, as they are in the theoretical explanations. But when we find them so, they are not objects of knowledge, but rather causes of our boredom.

Being bored by the same objects, we do not think of them, but of ourselves. The great questions about life and self raise as consequences of the long periods when humans meet the same objects. And the impossibility of finding satisfactory answers to them imbues us with feelings of enmity against those same objects which provoked our states of doubts. Thus, the best recipes of leaving the states of boredom suppose the abandonment of the same things for meeting other people or things.

If we return to the theoretical explanations of physical things, we might observe that they also cause boredom to many of us.  Though, it is a different sort of boredom. The prestige of theoretical explanations does not allow us to deny their importance for turning to ourselves, nor to dismay the explained objects. We are just kept silence for hearing and repeating them, sometimes with the risk of living an unquestioned life.