marți, 30 aprilie 2013

Beautiful time

It hardly could be said that life is compounded of beautiful and ugly facts or events, since these two are rather criteria for considering things. They have not clear meanings in the case of things and we must imagine that there would be totally unclear to establish such values to a changing and composite reality as it is a life event.

In spite of this difficulty, we often live as if it would be required to qualify our life events as beauty or ugly. From the preoccupation for improving our home to those for achieving great ideals of love or wisdom, the labels ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’ conjoin our endeavors, mostly when they have not come to an end yet.

Moreover, while many human activities cannot reach a definite attainment, the two labels are used for instilling the false impression of an end, be it positive or not.

Surely, they do not represent the values of the events, but our own implication into them. A so called ‘nice’ or ‘beautiful’ time expresses the fact that we increase our personality by living it, while a ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ time means that we lost some parts of us in that period.

 We often prefer to think of our bad time as something we totally overcame, so that we can build another time using our whole personality. When we cannot succeed in renouncing to it, we tend to make responsible for our ugly time the things and persons from our past. They will seem ugly to us.

Since our lives are compounded of other things and persons, this is partly true. They could not be really ugly, but it is true that when we waste our lives with bad times, we allow to other things and persons to intervene too much in our life. On the contrary, the feeling of a beautiful time is mainly a personal experience.