duminică, 14 aprilie 2013

Loving more than ever

It is easy to forget any person you met long time ago.

And to forget her means that you cannot imagine how she could be a part of your present.

The slight and random memories do not revive her in your life.

They only give birth to words about her, which are detached from the context of your present life.

Being so, they have no significance for the current life. But beyond the current life is its general meaning, even if something as a general meaning of life is just a matter of futile questions.

For this reason, the persons who are remembered seem to say something about the meaning of your life, not only about your past.

More than ever, you are ready to see them as ones who modified your entire life, in spite of the permanent belief that you are its master. As a part of the human longing for understanding life, you also may love them more than ever.