vineri, 12 aprilie 2013

Words becoming actions

Almost everything a man does is more powerful than him.

His loneliness does not really allow addition. Man is in his breath, and a single breath can be added only to another breath. He cannot be more than him when he does something in the world, but he only let the world to show itself through him.

Still, his loneliness is concealed by language.  We can speak about our life by including the world which does not belong to us.

And language is the way by which he uses the results of a long history of human attempts to get out from loneliness by addressing to other men.

Though without others’ support, an individual still can claim that his acts belong to him and he will not feel alone, if he has the power to use the language.

But when he does not speak to anybody, he feels that his words are only attempts to conceal his loneliness. Then, it takes birth the feeling that what he does is futile, too. Therefore, he prefers to stay under the shelter of the words and to use them as if they would be actions. The lonely words take the name of an action: prayer, thought, poetical creation etc.