vineri, 3 mai 2013

Meaningless words

When the love is celebrated by poetry and spiritual words, it is probably the sign that the weight of two conjoined bodies cannot be carry on by the lovers.

In spite of the heights of the bodily pleasures, a love affair between two people sets both of them to the ground, since they can find each other only on the same ground. And all the things which lay down reveal their weight.

Differently, when it is a single body, it may avoid the feeling of its weight by moving beyond or beneath itself. Beyond, when the body is pulled to spiritual activities and beyond by seeking for preserving its health.

But it is sure that the body has a weight which always has influence on our life. Our spiritual impulses are tempered by the feeling of its weight, while our care for the body becomes futile when the weight of the body proves to be too great for being moved away from its constant decaying.

If we understand all the words of love as means for fighting with the weight of the body, their meaningless should be interpreted in a positive way, because they express one of the few human experiences of a straight fight against the bodily existence.

For instance, we will discover in those exaggerate words uttered by lovers that the humans wish for denying their existence into the world, since such words mostly imagine a state where nothing is important except the love itself. Reversely, we will discover that our body can be perceived as the whole world.