miercuri, 15 mai 2013

Natural conspiracies

The existence of a conspiracy is primarily testified not by a common design for doing secretly one thing with a false appearance, but by the simple fact that some people act together.

When two persons meet and act together, it is supposed that each of them left out his or her individuality. But who could really do this?

Since the individual nature of a person means her existence as such, any claimed renouncement is in fact a lie.

The difficulty of living with such a lie is released by using the lie against someone else than the persons who claim their alliance.

For instance, it is a common image that the real lovers love each other more when there is an enemy or hindrance with which they should fight.

When the alliance or the group is greater, the lie which keeps the people together will have a greater enemy, too.

Nonetheless, any personal lie concerning your own individuality, for instance, when you suppose that you are more than an individual animal and build yourself a high ideal, feeds itself with the feeling that most of the people are your enemies.