marți, 14 mai 2013

No questions about sources

When are we interested in discovering the source of information?

When we have to do with usual sources of information, people generally use to take the source into account. But their effort is minimal, sometimes a simple look, without any similarity with the serious or tedious strive for discovering something.

We attempt to discover the source only when the process of discovery make us to belief that we have a privileged status of finding what is concealed to others.

Because it requires a less effort, many prefer to abandon their own effort of discovering the sources of information and to receive the explanation offered by those who claim they discovered it.

If those self-claimed discoverers want to be believed they don’t need to offer elaborate explanations, but only to show that all their hearers are privileged by receiving the information.

In this way, we can explain why the religious believers do not try to discover the sources of their faith. Since they believe that they are privileged or chosen, the pleasure of discovering is already consumed.