sâmbătă, 25 mai 2013

Overloaded moments

If we analyze a moment of our life, we will find that it has to carry on a huge amount of duties which cannot be split into tiny parts, too.

Almost all the duties of our life, for ourselves and for other people, press on us for being fulfilled in every moment. For instance, the duty of loving others cannot be delayed any moment. Or who could say that his life goals can be delayed, since we know that we cannot establish the duration of our life?

Such duties cannot be divided into bits. They indistinctly spread from the past to the future. So, it is impossible to say that in a moment we fulfill a bit from a duty and thereafter another one.

For this reason, the overloaded moments of our life rather make us to try to escape from the hard duties. As a result of such attempts, the actions we do for their fulfillment often seem merely to imitate what we must to do. After some stages of life, we may discover that we wrongly did almost all we had proposed to do. And the resignation is possible whenever we remember how difficult was to manage the overloaded moments.