miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

Future damnation

Do we really have special forms of language for speaking about the future collapses?

The common experience shows that we have not such forms, since the men who are deeply worried about a presumable future collapse are deemed to be insane or affected by a disease which announces their personal collapse. Their utterances cannot express only this worry about the future, but also their current problems, so that there cannot be special expressions for describing the future collapse.

Therefore, we do not show a real concern for a bad future, even if we have a lot of proofs about its coming. The most striking example: we generally live without being bothered by the certitude of our future death.

The success of religions in instilling the fears about a bad afterlife is in fact the success of spreading an artificial language besides the common and natural one. Once the strangeness of a language which speaks about unseen realities becomes accepted, there are tolerated the utterances about a future collapse, too. In any case, it is not the success of announcing a future collapse. For this reason, almost all the believers are really concerned about religion as such and not especially about the possibility of an eternal damnation. Otherwise, there would not exist any sinner among them.