duminică, 28 iulie 2013

Misunderstood life

Generally, we tolerate many things which we cannot fully understand and even honor them with a significant place in our life and beliefs. So are the scientific theories and technological means, though they cannot constitute of life, except for those who invented them.

Instead, the most despised thing of those we cannot understand is the life itself. A clear example is the way we treat the animal life. Though the animals are firmly fixed in their individual nature, they are forcibly put in other patterns for being tolerated. Either they are transformed in kindly pets and thus in human means for entertainment, or they are treated as objects able for being consumed.

The life they possess totally distinct from us is maybe perceived as a danger to our latent conception about our life. We often believe that our life cannot meet any strong hindrance from another life and simultaneously we imagine that such opinion is not supported only by our limited life, but by the natural course of facts.

When we see the life clearly exposed by an animal in its own interest, we see that our life cannot spread over any other life. An animal lives for itself and its life is guided only by its care for it. An animal does not imagine that a natural course of facts grants for its preservation. It only acts from and for its limited life, be it one which lasts merely a couple of hours. And how can be understood our supposed rich lives if they prove to be only simple ways of survival?

The many conflicts between humans and especially those between persons who can observe their life reciprocally, as it matters inside of a family, may have the same reason. A person much observed by others revealed herself as an irreducible life which cannot be understood. A frequent manner to avoid the recognition of others’ life is to treat them in the artificial way we do with animals when we consider them as pets.

miercuri, 24 iulie 2013

Unchangeable beliefs

A deep adhesion to atheism does not mean a confident attachment to the theory of atheism, but the inner certainty that there is no god. Thereafter, such an inner certainty shapes someone’s entire personality.

The true religious believers shape their personality, too, but in the name of their faith. And this is the main reason for which they cannot be persuaded to renounce to their faith, in spite of all the rational proofs.

Nonetheless, the true atheists cannot change their personality. Though, we find that some of them accepted religious conversions.  And the actual atheists are many times rebuked by the religious believers with the presupposition that they will finally renounce to their godless creed, especially when they will be nearly their death.

But such conversions are almost always false transformations. They are in fact the ways by which atheist personalities express themselves in religious terms. Since the main advantages to be gained from atheism are a strong sense of freedom and a pronounced individuality, it can be followed how the converted atheists are bent on exaggerating the religious devotion, such exaggeration or bigotry being a manner to express the force of a free personality in a religious frame.

There would be worth studying how many founders of religions are not in fact only converted atheists.

duminică, 21 iulie 2013

Social isolation

In spite of our education, we always feel some contempt to the people who live into an unbridgeable individuality, for instance, to the persons with mental disorders or those who are affected by mortal diseases.  And we are generally happy that we are not in their condition.

Their individuality is unbridgeable because its reasons are deeply rooted in what makes someone’s life totally different to any other kind of life. A mental disease isolates the affected persons into a world unknown for us; the mortal disease pushes the man in front of death, which is a reality totally unknown to all of us.

If such involuntary affections are despised, then the voluntary isolation into an individualistic life will be a reason for a natural condemnation.

In the social life, such isolation is blatantly showed by the rich persons. They cannot elude the condemnation to which the poor ones naturally embrace.

And because it is natural, it should have a natural justification, too.

Before any contextual explanations of the social differences and before any theoretical stand, a natural impulse says that it’s not acceptable that humans to be separated in the common goal of survival.

If the rich people will bring forth well built reasons for the social differences, the arguments could be convincing, but never natural. They should confess that has the blamable satisfaction of everyone who is pleased that he or she is not affected by a mental or physical disease.

joi, 4 iulie 2013


Maybe the almost funny saying the corpses want to tell to the living ones is that whenever you do not consume what is in the world, the world consumes you.

But because the corpse is essentially in us when we are still alive (being our body), its saying is not convincing. It is easily confounded with an animal desire to live that can be ignored for the sake of some superior goals.

miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

Necessary activities

We do not need a general consent or confirmations from many people for believing in the necessity of an activity. Because the activities are not ideas or opinions.

When we believe in their necessity, we do not investigate them about their reasons. We do this only when we mistrust them.

For believing in them, we need only to see how other people - a few or only one - do them with confidence. Because such confidence equates with an immersion into reality which makes us to believe that their activities are parts of the reality itself.

We start to learn in this way. The child sees the adults doing a lot of activities with confidence, and then imitates them.

We also continually live for doing a lot of activities deemed to be necessary with the same justification.

Even if the age or the experience tells us that what we do is totally useless, we always see many people doing them.