duminică, 28 iulie 2013

Misunderstood life

Generally, we tolerate many things which we cannot fully understand and even honor them with a significant place in our life and beliefs. So are the scientific theories and technological means, though they cannot constitute of life, except for those who invented them.

Instead, the most despised thing of those we cannot understand is the life itself. A clear example is the way we treat the animal life. Though the animals are firmly fixed in their individual nature, they are forcibly put in other patterns for being tolerated. Either they are transformed in kindly pets and thus in human means for entertainment, or they are treated as objects able for being consumed.

The life they possess totally distinct from us is maybe perceived as a danger to our latent conception about our life. We often believe that our life cannot meet any strong hindrance from another life and simultaneously we imagine that such opinion is not supported only by our limited life, but by the natural course of facts.

When we see the life clearly exposed by an animal in its own interest, we see that our life cannot spread over any other life. An animal lives for itself and its life is guided only by its care for it. An animal does not imagine that a natural course of facts grants for its preservation. It only acts from and for its limited life, be it one which lasts merely a couple of hours. And how can be understood our supposed rich lives if they prove to be only simple ways of survival?

The many conflicts between humans and especially those between persons who can observe their life reciprocally, as it matters inside of a family, may have the same reason. A person much observed by others revealed herself as an irreducible life which cannot be understood. A frequent manner to avoid the recognition of others’ life is to treat them in the artificial way we do with animals when we consider them as pets.