duminică, 21 iulie 2013

Social isolation

In spite of our education, we always feel some contempt to the people who live into an unbridgeable individuality, for instance, to the persons with mental disorders or those who are affected by mortal diseases.  And we are generally happy that we are not in their condition.

Their individuality is unbridgeable because its reasons are deeply rooted in what makes someone’s life totally different to any other kind of life. A mental disease isolates the affected persons into a world unknown for us; the mortal disease pushes the man in front of death, which is a reality totally unknown to all of us.

If such involuntary affections are despised, then the voluntary isolation into an individualistic life will be a reason for a natural condemnation.

In the social life, such isolation is blatantly showed by the rich persons. They cannot elude the condemnation to which the poor ones naturally embrace.

And because it is natural, it should have a natural justification, too.

Before any contextual explanations of the social differences and before any theoretical stand, a natural impulse says that it’s not acceptable that humans to be separated in the common goal of survival.

If the rich people will bring forth well built reasons for the social differences, the arguments could be convincing, but never natural. They should confess that has the blamable satisfaction of everyone who is pleased that he or she is not affected by a mental or physical disease.