miercuri, 14 august 2013

Accelerating the journey to death

Perhaps the genuine human manner of dealing with the natural end is to accelerate the journey to death. Because to understand something means to come closer to it.

If the man has the gift of previewing his end, to neglect it or to live as if it would not exist is a refuge into the biological way of living which belongs to us, but does not represent us as human beings.

This fact is testified by all those who cannot enjoy the endeavors of occupying a comfortable social place. They are not fascinated by any such place in spite of the fact that it means a shelter from the thoughts about death.

They prefer to throw themselves in the midst of some activities that cannot consolidate any place in society. Among those activities may be numbered the creative works (for instance, poetry, philosophy, art), but also the destructive ones (as the consumption of drugs or alcohol).  Even they seem noxious, they are expressions of a deep human understanding of the phenomenon of death. Meanwhile, the healthy social goals can be viewed as attempts of inducing the false idea that we are animals without the consciousness of their end.