vineri, 9 august 2013

Eternal Peace

The human wish for eternal peace is only partly covered by religious doctrines about the afterlife.

The desire for eternal peace is a way by which humans transpose the disparaged and scanty still moments of their life in the wish for their permanency.  

Those moments come in someone’s life especially when nothing needs to be spoken and nothing to be heard. Such avoidance from speaking and hearing has more  in common with the feeling and living of the animal life inside us than with a spiritual life that needs words at least as its starting point. It is doubtful if the expectation that the religious promises about an eternal life will come true is a wish for eternal peace. It seems rather to be an eager ambition for gaining the eternal life as a prize and involves a state of unrest which has no share in the future desired peace.

Otherwise, the silence of the animals and their desire to live in spite of all the bad conditions could be translated in human terms as a wish for eternal peace.

The religious doctrines only give the name for this animal wish, but its content is larger and maybe it is supported by the deep meaning of life.