sâmbătă, 24 august 2013

The great sacrifice

The idea that men are essentially bound together is pervasively accepted as a useful lie almost by everyone. We do not need to wait for our death for becoming aware of our natural loneliness, since it is discovered along with any personal sensation or thought.

The general acceptance of the lie might be seen in the easiness we agree with the unjust social inequities or in the unexplainable perpetuation of some outrageous religious or secular beliefs, all of them being embellished in discourses which present them as being necessary for keeping us together.

Why do we not denounce such a lie?

Partly, because of the natural needs that cannot be satisfied by oneself. But more importantly, because we become parties to it. We do this by loving other persons.

It is easy to say to the impersonal society that it is supported by a great lie, but it is harder to say to your lovers or children that your relation to them is only the result of the general lie. Though, it is. The real feelings of love are always consolidated by some social practices as marriages, families or simply by the fact that the society makes us to live our relationships according to some general patterns.

When we are aware of that lie and still accept it for the sake of those we love, we may say that we sacrifice ourselves more than if we would die for them, since it is a lifelong sacrifice.