miercuri, 28 august 2013

The words of the void

The words which move us need a state of silence, not only the silence as the cessation of any other sound.

This state of silence is produced through the coalescence of different forms of introducing the void in the surrounding things (for instance, the darkness from the cinema halls, the empty space of the cathedrals, or the exclusive focus on the written words while we read).

Therefore, the most powerful words can be found in the vicinity of the nonexistence.

Surely, such place gives them a great advantage, since the words reach to those people who cannot resist them using the existent things.

At the same time, their speakers are endangered by the nonexistence they need. They might be sunk in it. They see it as being greater than their words and the feeling of a nearby collapse make them to emphasize too much the value of their words which are deemed to be the single means of living. In this case, the eagerness of utterances conceals a great self disbelief in their words.

In other cases, the speakers of powerful words deliberately sunk themselves into the void and they succeed as long as they fade themselves as members of the community. Their words, though powerful, are stopped from going to the community and become hidden objects to be discovered by it. Therefore, the words of the poets or writers are often discovered and not claimed out.