vineri, 23 august 2013

Unnoticed small errors

Any moment of life is loaded with a strong positive meaning because of the very fact of living.

Any breath and any bodily movement spread out as an affirmation of the living being. And both of them belong to the man as an individual.

Meanwhile, the negative side of our life comes upon such a positive layer of life and does not belong exclusively to the individual, but also to the surrounding persons and things which are damaged by the personal wrong decisions or deeds.

As a consequence, we do not plainly know how and when we make mistakes. It is obviously known only the positive side. We put all the small wrong movements we do into it, so that the consciousness of our faults is gotten too late, when all such small errors have already developed into a great error.

It would be helpful to find someone able to point out to us the small errors we cannot recognize. Because of their exteriority, the errors could be better seen by them. But almost all the people judge other people’s deeds in the name of their own positive side of life and thus they rather try to straighten their authority than to descend in others’ life for helping them.

Thus, the judges prefer to throw upon wrongdoers the mistakes they committed, forgetting the essential positive side of their victims.