luni, 16 septembrie 2013

Born for death

To educate your child according to some large accepted principles of education prolongs the first abandonment which takes place at the time of its birth.

Because to give birth means to exclude the child from its unborn state, during which it is virtually present in your innermost feelings of sexual pleasure.

In spite of any reasons we have for procreating, the birth is the outcome of a natural force which works in us without any reason. It is the same force which brings all of us to death.

The rational agreement with that force is represented by the way by which we abandon our children to the educational principles, since the social reality replaces the nature. In many societies, such principles are surely beneficial and rational, but the parents deliver the children under their authority without a previous research of their grounds. The parents simply obey the social order as like they obeyed the natural force previously.

At the same time, children integration into the superficial social order conceals the fact that the parents brought their children under the natural force that gives them not only life, but also death. The educational principles do not speak about death.