luni, 23 septembrie 2013

Closed eyes

Any definite and strong choice for living in a certain way do not have any power over us if it is not supported by an infinite number of indefinite and weak choices vaguely directed at the same goal.

The small choices are made in the field of everyday life which is called so exactly because it is lacked by any capital choice made in a special ‘day’. Surely, such a day does not really exist, since the capital choice is the result of a couple of moments.

And for this reason, the everyday life together with the amount of its unimportant choices may be ranked as the single reality of life. However, nobody would recognize this fact, because his or her capital choices would prove to be unimportant. Moreover, being too small, the many choices of everyday life cannot get the power to clarify by themselves their privileged status in someone’s life.

Even the support we claim to get from everyday life for our great choices is a matter of imagination. Its vague support represents our power to spread our imagination over it. The everyday life admits to be dragged in our imagination, because it does not mainly develop in the visible realm, but into the invisible realm of the internal decay of our bodies. And it reserves its power of manifestation to the end of life, when the eyes close in a definite and strong way, more definite and stronger than any of our great choices.