luni, 30 septembrie 2013


The excessive care for the bodily needs is not hateful because it would deter a supposed spiritual elevation.

It is hateful when the people are not faithful to their excess. It is plane that many betray the heights of their excess by associating it with what is common in the field of their lusts or appetites. Thus, the public, common fashions find an echo especially in those who are excessively preoccupied of their bodies.

Nonetheless, they also become ready to adhere to common ideas with no clear relevance to their eagerness for bodily welfare. For the agreement with what is common does not draw the individual back from his bodily excesses. When someone is not a threat for the common opinion, he can consecrate peacefully to his excesses.

In this way, we might explain why the supposed elevated persons only seldom tower over common people. Also, we might explain why the images where the persons seem faithful to their excessive lusting appearance raise a great interest.