duminică, 15 septembrie 2013

Fit for clothes

The worries about how clothes fit for us are not so deep, since they do not concern the attempt to make the humans fit for clothes.

The humans are naturally fit for them and we know this from our childhood. A child does not see the adults in the midst of their efforts to face the process of aging and decay. On the contrary, the adults appear firmly caught in the stable aspect of their clothes.

For the adults themselves, the clothes are parts of their effort for acquiring a stable social place, so that the social image to which they adhere confounds with their clothes. Moreover, it is useless to state a natural image of a man who lives only in the society: it is not wrong to view clothes as a simile of animals’ skin or fur.

The body is veiled because it is perceived as a threat to this stability. Nonetheless, the body is the hidden source of any movement that makes the stability a desirable goal. Even the enjoyment in choosing the clothes which mark our social place rises from the bodily impulse for becoming visually or sexually attractive.