joi, 26 septembrie 2013

Focusing on small things

If we take from life the activities required for its well functioning, maybe it will remain just a few of them. Therefore, it is necessary to discover the life beneath its functions as breathing, nourishing, or having sex.

In all of them, the main living feature is the capacity of focusing on small items. The breathing focuses on the moments when we breathe the air in and out, the nourishing on the small amount of food and drink able to be swallowed, and the sexuality on the small parts of the body.

On the contrary, when we acquire the perspective of a long duration of life, its possible long extension plunges us into the imaginary world of the big things related to the vital functions. We start to hope in a future great consumption of life. We do not want simply to breath, eat, drink, or having sex, but to be in a great social position from which the breath would be significantly different, to consume from life more than food and drink, and to love.

If we take the last example into account, the love surely exists, not only the sexual relations. But the love does not prove to be the outcome of our hopes in great thongs. It is greater than sex as long it is the anticipation or the result of the focus on the small sexual organs [notice the sexual longing after one person and the psychological extension of the orgasm].

Even the nonsexual love lasts as long as we concentrate on the small details of the lives of our companions.