luni, 9 septembrie 2013

Guiding cries

While the words are about the things of the world and so external to them, we may imagine that the closest contact of the things with the human voice is through the sound of the cries.

The human cries present a great similitude with the inarticulate sounds of the things [ partly they are expressed in music].

Since the inarticulate sounds are high and low, it can be presupposed that there exists inner cries for corresponding to the low sounds. They would escape from the area of audible sounds and would subsist as pure reverberations.

Their reverberation is testified by the suite of movements which follow after an impulse for action. The impulse is habitually understood as a decision.

But if the impulse is an inner cry, those many words by which we explain our decisions seem to be means of denying the inarticulate sounds beneath them. Furthermore, it is an interest in concealing the link between those sounds and the natural ones. For the nature does not know to prescribe good or bad actions, but only actions.