sâmbătă, 7 septembrie 2013

Hopes in the skin

The young skin is totally stretched over the body. The desires and aspirations of a young person imitate this stretch, but add further the conviction that there is no limit to it.

When we grow old, the skin diminishes its spread and in a way it falls down into the hard parts of the body. The mature person also imitates this physical state valuing more the stability of the character, the firm principles of living, and rejoices in occupying a limited place in society.

But the mature person can do all this as long as she can deny something which stands as a physical evidence. Following and overcoming the physical extension of the body, many of our jumps made in the youth are irreversible. We cannot drop out all those ideals and aspirations by which we had defied the limits of our corporeal constitution.

We will find everywhere in the social order traces of this denial of the irregular ideals of youth, since the society is the product of the mature people.