marți, 3 septembrie 2013


If somebody else is not how you wish to be and how it would be the best for her or him, you have the chance to discover that humans are not as mobile and swift as they claim to be.

The quest for right decisions which is generally admitted as a feature of human life is in fact secondary to the habit of slightly modifying the previous state to which we are accustomed.

And this state seems to have no beginning. It proves always to be an outcome of some experiences with an indeterminate starting point. Those experiences borrow without conscious decisions what can be find in the society.

Only the language is mobile and swift. And a performing education is one which makes the disciples to believe that their existence consists essentially in their ability to use the language, though the language cannot actually form the life of a person.

Unconsciously, the use of the language equalizes the partners of conversation, so that the problem of changing others’ lives can be omitted. There is no place for an authoritative and guiding voice in conversation and no possibility for really helping other people.

The benefit of such free conversations is often illusory. The unchangeable state of each of the partners may be a hard imprisonment for everyone. Only when the time goes by, we observe that an epoch was dependent on an idea, many times a false one.