vineri, 13 septembrie 2013

Old obscenity

The most important physical processes of the body occur inside it.

And the most visible process on its surface is that of aging. The aging is in fact an essential tendency of our internal composition. The surface reveals the internal state of aging.

The sexual organs lie between the surface of the body and its internal composition. Such position allows them to get out of the natural order.

Thus, though affected by age, they defy the process of aging by an inversion of the relation between the external and internal sides of the body.

The power of sexuality to express our person goes beyond the natural decay and thus they cease to symbolize the internal aging. This power is at most expressed by the obscenity of the exposure of sexual organs. As any form of violence, the obscenity is able to put other people aside and to consolidate us a firm position among them. The signs of belittlement manifested by the old body are left behind.