marți, 10 septembrie 2013

Painful recognition

There is the habit of excluding from the picture we made about ourselves the permanent features. For instance, we prefer to think of us as females and males, but not as human beings.

Another example: we do not recognize ourselves as being characterized by the place we live in.

From the last example we can deduce that our reluctance to such permanent features is caused by the fear of confessing that we actually belong to them.

The fear is further supported by the fact that the reality that swallows us keeps its permanency by a state of immobility. It is the immobility which contradicts our endeavors to trace our own course of life.

A careful look to our space of living discovers a sort of lifeless and trivial things as the furniture or the walls of our room. Even if we call them as our things, they still stand apart from us due to their immobility.

Since we gradually loose our mobility getting old, we are finally forced on recognizing those immobile properties we have denied in our active life. It is a painful recognition if we previously imagined that we belong only to the mobile side of life which can be put at least partially under our control.