marți, 24 septembrie 2013

Sexual mechanics

The youth seems to be lived in a mechanical way.

Since the young body reaches its best condition, it functions as precisely as a mechanical device. The similarity is even closer. Both the mechanical device and the young man are far away from the perspective of their future decay during the time of their well functioning.

The sexual mechanics helps much the persons to ignore such a perspective.

But also the sexuality destabilizes the mechanical precision of our youth time. The physical and psychological equipment for sexuality do not borrow too much from the strength and rigidity of the sexual organs in the act of copulation.

Physically, the female sexuality implies a lack to be filled and the male sexuality an extension of the body which is impossible to be equalized by the body to which it belongs.

Psychologically, the sexuality implies a state of dependence of an individual on another one.

The impossibility of self-adjustment of human bodies as regards their sexual constitution and the psychological dependence are two major features met in the phenomenon of decaying. An old person cannot master her person and her prudence is caused by the consciousness of her dependence on the social relations.

Therefore, we may say that the young persons are familiar with their aging, though they are not fully conscious of it. At the same time, the sexual mechanics is a chance for the older person to ignore their age.