miercuri, 11 septembrie 2013


In the field of negative feelings, the shame for some past facts of your life is more powerful than the remorse for a bad deed.

A bad deed can be encircled in a definite part of your life and you still exist unaffected by what you did. Differently, the shame affects your very position in the social order, since the shame does not represent something wrong you done to someone or something else, but it happens into yourself.

The recovery from a shameful past is possible only by recreating a new position in the society. When you do this, the society seems an easier reality to cope with than it appeared when you feel ashamed.

Thus the feeling of shame might be clarified. Maybe the shame as a loss of the social position is not due to a high appreciation for it, since to recreate a new position is so easy. It is rather caused by a deep dissatisfaction with it. The repeated feelings of shame betray that you are bent to develop your life apart of the social establishment. So apart of it that you cannot see your past deeds among those which habitually occur in society.

The unashamed people are perceived as a threat for society especially for the fact that some individuals dare to get out from the mass of people who love lesser or greater to enjoy the social order. And the later people give the meaning of the society.